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Career Scope

PHP is probably the most popular scripting language on the web. It is used to enhance web pages. With PHP, you can do things like create username and password login pages, check details from a form, create forums, picture galleries, surveys, and a whole lot more. If you've come across a web page that ends in PHP, then the author has written some programming code to liven up the plain, old HTML.
If a student is planning to build a career in web technology, then learning PHP will be highly beneficial in terms of job opportunities and salary package offered. After getting trained in PHP, students can get the jobs directly as there is huge demand of the PHP professionals.
As you pass out school and become a University student, you can start learning PHP. If you are an IT student, it is not hard for you to learn PHP. The day when you start learning PHP, ideas about creativity comes directly to your mind. As being a PHP Developer, you will be able to create unique web portals with all your creative ideas .
If you are thinking of being a PHP Developer, Just fill the simple enquiry form on our website and mention PHP in the Interested In field. Soon, you will get a call from us. As you complete the registration process, the journey for being a PHP Developer will start. Here you will learn every aspect of PHP in detail and you will be able to create fully dynamic and responsive websites as the course completes.


1st Module: Web Designing
  1. » HTML
  2. » CSS
  3. » Bootstrap
  4. » Javascript
  5. » JQuery
2nd Module: Web Development
  1. » History of PHP
  2. » Basic PHP
  3. » Why and Scope of PHP
  4. » PHP as Open source Technology
  5. » PHP for Web Based Application
  6. » PHP Variables
  7. » PHP Echo,Print_r()
  8. » PHP Logical and Arithmatic Operators
  9. » PHP Concatenation
  10. » PHP Comments
  11. » PHP Strings
  12. » PHP Arrays
  13. » PHP Inbuilt Functions
  14. » PHP Methods - $_GET,$_POST,$_REQUEST
  15. » PHP Functions
  16. » PHP Pagination
  17. » Conditional Statement
  18. » Looping
  19. » PHP Login Authentication - Session , Cookies
  20. » PHP Mail
  21. » PHP File Handling and File Uploading
  22. » PHP - MySQL Connection
3rd Module: DataBase(Mysql)
  1. » Database (create, drop, rename)
  2. » Database Table (create, drop, rename)
  3. » Table Keys (primary key, foreign key, others)
  4. » Insert Data
  5. » Update Data
  6. » Delete Data
  7. » Select Data & Condition
  8. » Join of multiple data
  9. » Sql Insection
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3 Months
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