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Designers and developers of mobile apps are challenged to provide superb user experience on resource-limited platforms where memory, processing power and battery life are at a premium. In this course, we present Apple’s approach to mobile app design and development, as reflected in the design of the iOS platform, the ModelView-Controller (MVC) paradigm and iOS’s various high and low-level frameworks. Objective-C, the native programming language for iOS, is exposed and explained step-by-step.
If a student is planning to build a career in web technology, then learning iOS will be highly beneficial in terms of job opportunities and salary package offered. After getting trained in iOS, students can get the jobs directly as there is huge demand of the iOS professionals.
As you pass out school and become a University student, you can start learning iOS. If you are an IT student, it is not hard for you to learn iOS. The day when you start learning iOS, ideas about creativity comes directly to your mind. As being a iOS Developer, you will be able to create unique Apps with all your creative ideas .
The application development process for iOS platforms (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and future platforms) relies on a specialized paradigm of application development - the mobile paradigm. Students will be introduced to the Xcode integrated development environment, extensively using it to develop several applications from scratch. From our experience, learning iOS is best accomplished by doing. Accordingly, the course includes live demos and extensive individual lab work.


1st Module : Why iOS ?
  1. » The Mobile App Paradigm
  2. » Introduction to Xcode
  3. » Main characteristics of mobile apps.
  4. » Differences between mobile apps and desktop apps
  5. » How iOS is tailored to a mobile platform.
  6. » iOS main components and services.
2nd Module : ModelView-Controller Design Paradigm
  1. » The Mobile App Paradigm
  2. » Review of Intro to MVC
  3. » UIView and UIWindow classes
  4. » View Hierarchy
  5. » Transparency
  6. » Memory Management
  7. » Coordinate Space
  8. » Custom Views: Creating a subclass of UIView, Drawing with Core Graphics
  9. » Controllers: View Controller Initialization, View Life Cycle, Controllers of Controllers.
3rd Module : Intro to Objective-C
  1. » DCoordinate Space
  2. » Obj-C vs. C++ vs. C#
  3. » Objects
  4. » Dynamic Typing and Binding
  5. » Classes
  6. » Foundation Basics: collections, enumeration
  7. » Memory Management Basics
4th Module : Advanced Objective-C
  1. » Protocols
5th Module : Views (View Life Cycle)
  1. » Views
6th Module : Custom Views
  1. » Custom Views
7th Module : Controllers, Controllers ofControllers
  1. » Controllers
  2. » Controllers of Controllers
8th Module : Handling Gestures
  1. » Recognizing and Handling Gestures: pinch, pan, zoom, swipe, and tap
9th Module : Content Display
  1. » UIImageView, UIWebView, UIScrollView, UITableView and UITableViewController
10th Module : Persistent Storage Display
  1. » Property Lists and their limitations
  2. » Archiving Objects
  3. » Storing on the filesystem
  4. » SQLite
  5. » Core Data Framework
  6. » Using @propertys to access information
  7. » Xcode Generated Code for @property access
  8. » Querying data
  9. » Displaying Core Data data in Table Views
  10. » Fetch Request
  11. » CoreDataTableViewController
11th Module : Blocks and Multithreading Display
  1. » What is a block
  2. » Block Syntax
  3. » Context and Scope
  4. » Memory Management in Blocks
  5. » Declaring variables to hold blocks
  6. » Shorthand in block definitions
  7. » Usages of Blocks
  8. » Grand Central Dispatch API
  9. » Creating and Releasing Queues
  10. » Putting blocks in queues
  11. » CGetting the current or main queue
12th Module : Advanced Service Display
  1. » Textual content: UITextView
  2. » Keyboard control
  3. » Alerts & Timers
  4. » Core Media: audio, still photos and video
  5. » Core Motion: accelerometer and gyro in apps
13th Module : Uploading to the App Store Display
  1. » Uploading to the app store
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3 Months
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