If you are finding you have some issues in Windows like slow start Up slow shut down/error's/generally running slow/driver's not working correctly/corrupt files/ etc…. then take a look at the brief list of things below to try and resolve any issues;

This is just a brief description of how to run these tools that are built into the windows system.

Event Viewer = Start >Type in Search Box > eventvwr.msc Hit enter

This will show you the Event Viewer log, you can view the scan results of Check Disk scan and in Windows 7 and Vista and also show applications & services logs too.

Performance Report = Start >Type in Search Box > perfmon /report Hit enter
This report will include a whole load of things about how your system is running and show any issues, here are just a few of them:

Diagnostic Results Warnings, Performance, Software Configuration, OS Checks, Security Center Information, System Services, Start up Programs
Disk, Hot files, Disk breakdown, Physical disk, NTFS Performance, CPU, Process, Service, Services, System, Hardware Configuration, Disk Checks, Systems, Desktop Rating, BIOS, Devices
Memory, Processes, Counters,Network.
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