Cyber Crime Awareness Society is the Worlds 1st NGO, who is working and fighting against Cyber Crime.

Information age comes with diverse advantages through the advancement in technology and it also comes up with its own disadvantages too. With the opportunities on the internet, young people do involve themselves in Cyber Abuse, Online Fraud and Spam. Our main purpose is to develop and encourage Cyber Crime Awareness by providing students with the required tools and education, they need to be safe and secure.

We promote a healthy learning environment in order to increase the knowledge of the students in technology, information and the security of both. We want everybody to be aware of the benefit and dangers that technology and internet bring into our everyday live.

Offering Courses in :-


  • *Certified Ethical Hacking.

  • *Certified Forensics Professional Expert.

  • *Certified Course in Cyber Law.


Dealing in:-


  • *Cyber Crime Cases.

  • *Cyber Law Consultancy.

  • *Penetration Testing.


Dealing with offense Related to:-


  • *Computer.

  • *Computer network.

  • *Computer resource.

  • *Computer systems.

  • *Computer devices.

  • *Internet.