What is Web Defacement?

Crackers/Hackers found loopholes in website. Hacker then replaces the index page with some other page. They can even delete data available of websites.

Who can do Web Defacement?

  •    Ø Professional Hackers.

  •    Ø Disgruntled Employees.

  •    Ø Business Rivals.

  •    Ø Teenagers

Reasons behind Web Defacement:

  •    Ø Disgruntled employee’s heir some hackers, to hack their company’s website to defame the company or to extract the confidential data and to threat the owner by demanding the money.

  •    Ø Professional Hackers also deface the website and upload some defamatory matters against some community to create the violence.

  •    Ø Business Rivals heir some hackers to hack the particular company’s website to leak their confidential information.

  •    Ø Some teenagers who had recently learned how to deface a website, they randomly try on some websites.