What is Phishing?


Phishing is similar to the fishing in which fisher man catches the fishes by spreading a trap in the water. Phishing has been done by some hackers or criminals where they spread their trap (making a site which looks like a legitimate or trustable, or can a true copy of genuine website) on internet, and get all the useful information like username and email id by fooling the internet user.

Reasons behind Phishing:

  • Ø Criminals can obtain email and passwords of bank accounts from which they can take out the amount.

  • Ø Some ex-boyfriends or divorced husbands do phishing to gain access on the email id of the girl to take revenge.

  • Ø Some rivalry can do this to gain access on the account of a company or to theft the code of that company.

  • Ø Some rivalries commit this crime to see the number or clients of that particular company or to break their relation with the clients by sending abusing mail with the same email id which was hacked by them.

  • Ø Criminals can create fake bank websites through which they can extract the card number and passwords, so that they can take out the money or can do online transition.

  • Ø Some teenagers can do this crime as they learned this recently from any website or from their friends and need to do practise with this, just for their fun only.