What is Hacking?

  • Ø Hacking in simple terms means illegal intrusion into a computer system without the permission of the computer owner/user.

  • Ø Hacking is exploring the details of programmable systems.

  • Ø Stretching the capabilities of computer systems.

  • Ø Sharing their computer expertise.

Hacker’s Motivations:

    • Ø Fun.

    • Ø Profit.

    • Ø Extortion.

    • Ø Technical Reputation.

    • Ø Scorekeeping.

    • Ø Revenge/maliciousness.

    • Ø Intellectual Challenges.

    • Ø Desire to embarrass.

    • Ø Experimentation.

    • Ø Self Gratification.

    • Ø Problem Solving.

    • Ø Exposing System Weakness.

    • Ø Want to be Hero of Wild Internet.