white-papers-iconOne of the strongest weapons in a cybercriminal’s arsenal is a successful data breach from an attack on web applications. These attacks are among the most difficult to mitigate, yet the costs they incur can be far greater than the initial theft. Calculating the potential impact of a data breach is a critical component to mounting a strong defense against would-be attackers.


“Whether your data is at risk is not the only question. You should also consider how much risk a data breach would pose to your business. How much would it cost to compensate losses, mitigate a web application attack, deploy new mitigation equipment and earn compliance recertification? Most of all, how long would it take to recover from the damage to your reputation and potential loss of customers?”

This data breach web security white paper, Weighing Risk Against the Total Cost of a Data Breach: Can You Afford a Web Application Layer Attack?, outlines important information that you need to know about:

  • Why web applications are easy prey
  • The real goal of cybercriminals
  • The true costs of a data breach
  • How to calculate the potential impact of a data breach
  • Key mitigation strategies to reduce risk

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