Personal information of app users leaked on Google Play
People who still disregard Android security and do not take privacy controls over the platform seriously, will be alarmed to learn this piece of news. An Australian app developer recently discovered that he had complete access to personal information of the users who downloaded his application. Alarmingly, this information was available to the developer even after he uninstalled the app or canceled the order.

Security flaw in iOS leaves iPhone users exposed
However, it is not just Android that has to face up to security issues. A flaw in the latest version of iOS, version 6.1, leaves Apple iPhones vulnerable to hackers. Many users maintain a 4 digit security code to block unwanted access to their device. But this flaw allows an attacker to bypass this authentication and gain full access to the device.

Indian banks hit with frauds amounting to Rs. 130 crore
buy online essaysBanks are the most popular victims for cyber criminals. In concerning news, the Finance Ministry has reported that around Rs. 130 crore has been stolen from banks over the last 3 years. This loss has occurred as cases related to ATM fraud, debit/credit card fraud and Internet banking losses. The bank that was hit the most severely was ICICI bank.

US implements ’6 strikes and you’re out’ copyright plan
People who download pirated material in the United States now get a “six strikes” ultimatum. If copyright owners complain against a particular user more than 6 times, the user’s Internet access will be taken away. While this is a good move to combat piracy, it could have several negative repercussions as well. France is even stricter about this issue and provides its residents with a “three strikes” policy.

Siddharth Jain.