We probably store a lot of personal and financial information on our smartphone that we would not want to be revealed if it is lost or stolen.

Here are some ways that will help in  increasing  mobile phone safety and secure our smartphone.

01) Protect your phone with a password or Personal Identification Number (PIN).

02) Be careful when you install apps on your phone.

03) Install updates for your phone.

04) Make sure your phone has a feature that helps you find it if you lose it or if it is stolen.

05) Don't jailbreak or root your phone.

06) don't use the free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or other access point if you are doing something sensitive on your phone, like checking a bank account or making a payment.

07) Have updated security software on the phone.

08) Be aware of applications that enable Geo-location. These application will track the user's location anywhere.

09) Use the same precautions on your mobile phone as you would on your computer when using the Internet.
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10) If you decide to sell your device or trade it in, make sure you wipe the device (reset it to factory default) to avoid leaving personal data on the device.

11) Turn off tethering, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.

12) Install remote data deletion programs in case you lose your smartphone or it gets stolen.

13) Be aware about application permissions/access, as they can:

Read phone state and identity?
Track your location?
Read owner data?
Read contact data?
Record audio – your calls?
Take pictures?
Modify or delete SD card content?
Edit SMS/text or MMS messages?
Write sync settings?
Send SMS messages?
Write contact data?
Full internet access?

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