As the National Crime Record Bureau has confirmed 100% increase in cyber crimes in a span of 2-3 years, the need for a fully fledged cyber cell has been felt.

Now Rajasthan Technical University has decided to introduce a programme on cyber laws as a part of the curriculum.

RTU has decided to introduce this course with a two fold purpose, firstly to create awareness among students and secondly to mould young cyber professionals to safeguard the people from cyber crime.

Nowadays in every college such scenes are quite common that the students hack the account of their own friends for fun or to impress others. The worst part is that they do not realize that they are breaking cyber laws and therefore end up in trouble.

The only method to check such incidents is to make students aware about legal implications of ethical hacking through workshops and courses.

We hope that this beacon of hope lights up the entire state, entire nation, entire world by setting an example, really a good one!