Today’s world have turned out in to a online world. Everything is done online within seconds. We prefer it as it consumes less time and makes us stay comfort. But the thing is that there are certain possibilities that you lose your highly secure data due to some hackers wandering online.

Q 1 : How to protect Facebook Account from hackers?
Q 2: How to protect Gmail account from Hackers?
Q 3 : How to protect Net Banking account from Hackers?

G-Mail Account or Facebook account or Net Banking Account (Same method is suitable for other mail and social communication accounts too) :

Step 1: Facebook users are requested to activate secure browsing (https://) which can be done by going to account settings -> Security(at left pane)->Enable Secure Browsing. Once after activating it be sure that https:// is present at the URL every time you browse in Facebook.

Step 2: Enable log in notifications in Facebook. ( Account settings->Security->Enable log in notifications) By doing so you will be notified while you/anyone log/s in to your account.

Step 3: For G-mail users as well as Facebook users, please choose a tough security question and give a unique and different or irrelevant answer.

Step 4: **IMPORTANT** Don’t keep your friend’s email id as a recovery id for your g-mail account. Because if your friend’s account is hacked, there are high possibilities that your account can be easily hacked.

Step 5: **IMPORTANT** Don’t click on any link in a suspected site or the link sent from any of your friends during chat . (This may install key logger software without your permission which will note the activities of the keyboard and send to the one who made you victim )

Step 6: **Very Important ** Don’t type password( of a net banking account) with help of your keyboard. Just enable virtual keyboard and with the help of that enter your password.

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