There is no other opinion about it, that if you are connected to the internet, your PC is at risk. You might not be even aware about the fact that hackers probably do have access to the personal data on your computer if your PC does not have enough security. They could be reading your emails, private information, viewing your passwords or sneaking through your personal photographs.

Its a misconception that you need to burn a hole in your pocket to be safe online, that’s not the case as free software will also serve the purpose of keeping your machine safe from all evils, you might be prone at!


Get an Antivirus

Its a misconception that only paid versions of antivirus are better but the only difference is that they contain certain more features like sandboxing (isolate web browser) or anti-spam (filter emails), otherwise they are more or lessĀ  similar.

Use Firewall-

Firewall won’t protect your data from a skilled hacker, but it gives you the power to decide which programs or services on your computer can access the internet.

Use Anti-Malware-

Even with the best protection certain programs get installed on your system without your knowledge, these can be removed by using anti-Malware option in antivirus program.