Other Investigations

Whether Civil, Criminal, Corporate or Fraud Investigations, we have the skills needed to undertake the task.

Over the years and with past experiences Cyber Crime Awareness Society staff have a significant amount of experience in dealing with traditional investigations.

In addition to our comprehensive range of computer security solutions, our investigation services help you deal appropriately and confidently with a variety of circumstance whether it be suspected or discovered cases of fraud, forgery, patent infringement, we have the skills required to undertake the task.

We have acted for corporate clients in matters related to:

Fraud investigations
Typically where the deliberate dishonesty to deceive either the public, investors or lending companies, resulting in financial gain to the perpetrators.

Asset tracing
Our asset tracing team are experienced in working with legal professionals to locate, identify and freeze stolen assets. They are also experts at tracing a transaction path from its origin through to destination.

Status enquiries concerning individuals and companies
We can provide a range of status reports including pre-employment checks a range of commercial status reports to enable members to make better business decisions.

Litigation and prosecution

Dispute resolution

The prevention and detection of competitive intelligence and industrial espionage

Should the boot ever be on the other foot, with your organisation needing to furnish proof of good faith or legal compliance, we can identify and prepare your supporting evidence to the highest judicial standards.

Our experience is that investigations of this kind will often require the supplementary help of other, specialist services.

Through long-standing professional relationships with a range of trusted partners we have access to authoritative expertise in:

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Electronic Sweeps
  • Electronic Security surveillance
  • Traditional (i.e. non-Computer) Forensic Services including: DNA testing; video/audio enhancing; fingerprinting; document and signature authentication, behavioural profiling