Mobile Phone Forensics

As technologies converge, the forensic analysis of the mobile phone and other devices is becoming more and more complicated; unlike computers where there is a limited number of operating system vendors. There are many brands of mobile phones, PDAs and other mobile handheld devices that can be analysed, all are highly unique devices that require specialist training and equipment to recover information. These include but are not limited to: iPhone, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Sagem, Sharp, Siemens and Sony Ericsson.

This is further complicated by each mobile device manufacturer potentially having their own proprietary technology and formats. This is further compounded by the pace at which new mobile devices are brought to market, whether it be a mobile phone, or personal digital assistants (PDAs), which provides a challenging environment to work in.

Storage methodologies are proprietary based on manufacturer, model and system, added to this are other commonplace features such as, Bluetooth, WAP and GPS.

New mobile phone technologies continue to evolve, which means that the evidence gathering techniques need to be constantly maintained to keep pace with changes.
Mobile Devices

In an attempt to keep up, Computer Crime Consultants (CCC Ltd.) use the latest tools and technologies to undertake mobile device forensics.

Mobile phones often contain digital evidence that can form a key part of a criminal or civil investigation. Whilst the volume of recoverable data is relatively small compared to mainstream computer forensics, it is potentially just as valuable data.

With most mobile phones being capable of sending text messages and e-mail, as well as storing both graphic and video images.

For many individuals these devices also act as personal organisers, storing additional information such as important dates, events, contact information and passwords for other systems.

Computer Crime Consultants are able to offer mobile device forensic services as part of its range of digital investigations, whether it is a matter of providing potential evidence or intelligence or to recover lost data.

Computer Crime Consultants have developed a number of in-house, tools, techniques and methodologies that allow us to efficiently achieve and maintain the highest standards.