Shillong: Meghalaya government on Tuesday directed all cyber cafes to install CCTV cameras in their shops besides taking clients IDs and details in a bit tackle cyber crimes emanating from these cafes, officials said.

In an official notification of the Meghalaya Cyber Café Rules 2012, all cyber cafes are directed to install cameras besides taking all details of their clients including ID cards, officials said.

“Today we will notify the Cyber Cafe Rules 2012 under the Meghalaya Information Technology Act,” state Information Technology Commissioner and Secretary D P Wahlang said, while inaugurating a seminar Cyber World and its challenges organized by Lady Keane College in Shilong.

He said the cyber rules are specifically meant to tackle cyber crimes emanating from the cyber cafes operating in the state and preventing them for propagating ideologies which are not in consonant with the state.

According to the IT Commissioner, the rules have been framed as such to give access to the police the details of anyone using the cyber cafes at any given time.