Linux Training

This course include RHCSA + RHCE

Red Hat Certified System Administration (RHCSA) include two modules (Module 01 and Module 02).

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) include one module (Module 03)


Module 01: Red Hat Certified System Administration

  • Introduction of GNOME Desktop with Managing files graphically. (In that you feel that Linux have a better graphical user interface.)
  • Help in Graphical Documentations (Local & Online).
  • File system Management. (Manage your hard disk with your choice.)
  • Manage Physical Storage, Logical Volumes, and Swap Space. (Resize your partition without worried about data loss.)
  • Monitor System Resources to manage system.(Troubleshoot hanging problem)
  • Managing s/w using yum & rpm.
  • Bash Shell Scripting. (make your own command to help you in CLI)
  • Administration of Users & Groups.
  • Manage Permissions.
  • Administer Remote system, tar & sync.(compress & backup using open source tools)
  • Install Linux Graphically & Manage virtual machines.
  • Control Boot Process.(Understand concepts of booting of system)
  • Deploying File server.
  • Establishing Network Connectivity.

Module 02: Red Hat Certified System Administration II


  • Automated Installation of red hat enterprise Linux.(Make a kick and install your system)
  • Command line tools.
  • Regular Expressions, Pipelines, I/O Redirections.
  • Network Configuration & Troubleshooting.(Configure network in your organization)
  • Managing file system through command line Interface.
  • Managing logical volumes & swap Space using CLI.
  • Encrypt Partitions to secure data.
  • Accessing Network file service via NFS & CIFS.
  • Network User Account with LDAP.
  • Managing Se Linux & Firewalls.
  • Analyzing and Storing logs.
  • Tuning & Maintaining the Kernel.
  • System Recovery Techniques.

Module 03: Red Hat Certified Engineer


  • Enhance User Security(Sudo,Kerberos)
  • Bash Scripting and tools.
  • File Security with GnuPG.(Encryption of mails using symmetric & asymmetric encryption)
  • Package Management RPM Building.(Create your own s/w)
  • Network Monitoring tools.(Capture packet through open source tools)
  • Advanced Network Configuration.
  • Secure Network Traffic.
  • NTP server configuration.(Synchronize time of your organization)
  • System Monitor and logs.
  • Centralized and Secure Storage.(Remotely Access h/w)
  • SSL Encapsulated Web service & Web server additional Configurations. (Make your website secure)
  • Basic SMTP configuration.(Create your own MTA to transfer mails)
  • Caching only DNS Server.
  • File sharing with NFS & CIFS
  • FILE Sharing with FTP.
  • Troubleshooting Boot process.

Benefit of Course

Red Hat Linux is very simple to set up and can conveniently be used by beginners as well. It is very user friendly and one will have no problem to set it up and make good use of the same. Every individual should look for options that provide this certification so that it brightens their career options and makes job placements easier for them. If one knows how to operate red hat Linux it is extremely useful in the networking and hardware industry. Knowledge of red hat Linux opens up doors to an amazing future.


1 and 1/2 Months