Cyber Crime Awareness Society had received 9 cases from 1st Jan 2014 – 22nd Jan 2014 at Jaipur only.

Total loss ~ Rs 4Lakhs.

Job Fraud:

Students or Workers are receiving calls from various career counseling companies, who promise them to provide the job.

1. They will contact you via phone or email.

2. They will make you to sign up on there website so that they can have your personal details.

3. Now, after having your resume and other personal details, they will show you  some companies name and made you think that your dreams are came true.

4. They force you to do small transaction of Rs 3,000 or 4,000 only,

Now the actual game begins:

(i) Now, they can force you to repeat the process again and again, which make you to pay money more then 20,000 or 30,000 Rs.


(ii) They can collect details of your Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking which can be done either by led you to sign in into their websites or by talking on phone only. Now they can transact any number of money from your account.


Interview of the victim:

Case 1: Mr. Sunil Sharma:

This is to bring into your notice that an unauthorized payment has been made by a company named as urgent openings today morning itself
i made a payment against a service of 2100 rupees but total amount they deducted is 6000 rupees . when i asked them to refund the amount they said its against their norms.
company name – urgent vacancies
Case 2: Mr. Ramesh Tripathi:
I had signed up into the Aapka Roozgar website for the job in Dubai for hotel management. When I uploaded my resume i have to submit some amount of money, which i had done by my net banking account. But afterwards some illegal transactions has been made and they are not returning my money. I did this as per Aapka Roozgaar Services Pvt. Ltd. agent.
Some Fraud Websites :
many more..