With an aim to control and tackle cybercrime, India is planning to set up a joint portal with the US. The portal will especially deal in issues like hacking and misuse of social media platforms. Police Chief of India and the US had met in New Delhi for a two day conference regarding the issues and difficulties faced by the India Government regarding cyber crime.

We have suggested setting up of cooperation portal on cybercrime where requests can be logged and tracked,” one of the Police Chiefs said, as per the PTI report. Internet of things will be a behemoth spanning more than 26 Billion devices and will be a US$ 300 Billion ecosystem in next 5-6 years as per a latest report from Gartner. Hence, the scope of cyber crime is expected to only multiply henceforth. The US police officers said they too have been facing similar challenges and hoped that such a portal would be helpful for law enforcement agencies of both the countries.

India, which ranks fifth in the world in the number of cyber crime, has seen hacking of 9,000 websites in three years and thus, posing a serious threat to the government. Earlier this month we reported that India is seeking help from the US to monitor online chats on social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, BBM, etc. The availability of their web servers in India is required for lawful interception of the communications in real time or near real time manner for timely action by the security and intelligence agencies, the Indian team has suggested.

Last week the Indian Government announced that it is going to launch a spy surveillance system called Netra. In October Google launched uProxy to protect the privacy and curb cyber censorship and attack.