Incident Handling

Incident Handling or incident response has become an important component of information technology security. Threats have become not only more numerous and diverse but can also be more damaging and disruptive.

Unfortunately, many organisations discover weaknesses in their systems only after the event – when security has already been compromised.

New types of security-related incidents emerge frequently and whilst preventative activities based on risk assessments can lower the number of incidents, it is unlikely that all incidents can be prevented.
An incident response capability is therefore necessary for rapidly detecting incidents, minimising potential loss and destruction of data, mitigating weaknesses that have been exploited and restoring reliable computing services.

Once an incident has been identified whether it be some form of communications tampering, information warfare, sabotage, fraud or other form of computer misuse that has come to light, there is often aggravating confusion and unhelpful conjecture as to what has actually happened, how things went wrong, who was to blame and what to do next.

Cyber Crime Awareness Society has considerable experience in dealing with this type of situation, so that our Incident Handling services achieves far better outcomes than the typical damage limitation exercise.

The response to a breach in security must be swift but it must also be methodical, intelligent and apt. On instruction we act quickly to:

  • Damp down panic and blame dispersal
  • Determine the true extent of the incident
  • Protect systems and networks from further attack
  • Assess and prevent the risk of inadvertent, internal harm to systems
  • Re-establish normal operating conditions
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Recover systems and data
  • Provide a clear understanding of events and advise next steps accordingly
  • Where appropriate, conduct investigations to the required legal standards of procedure

We have recourse to the latest technologies and methods in forensic examination and investigation, and the professional expertise to apply them to best effect.

We hope you will never need them, they are there in case you ever do.

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