Digital Investigations

Digital Investigations have increased exponentially over a number of years as the vast majority of corporate and personal information is stored electronically.

Advances in technology have altered the investigative landscape for corporations, solicitors and law enforcement agencies alike.

These days, nearly all correspondence takes place via email, digital telephone system or instant-messaging. We take for granted our access to personal computers, mobile phones, PDA’s, memory sticks and other digital devices.

Whether Criminal, Corporate or Fraud Investigations we have the skills needed to undertake digital investigations to the highest level.

Cyber Crime Awareness Society team of seasoned investigators are uniquely qualified to provide electronic investigative services.

Our digital detectives assist corporations with internal matters and law enforcement agencies with criminal investigations that require the identification, forensic preservation, collection, retrieval, authentication, analysis and documentation of crucial digital evidence.

Cyber Crime Awareness Society understands the absolute necessity for maintaining chain of custody and producing comprehensive and clearly written investigative reports within digital investigations.

Over the last ten years we have undertaken in excess of 2,000 digital investigations for criminal prosecutions alone and our unique combination of computer expertise and experience in combating crime fraud can stop you becoming a victim. In addition to a comprehensive range of computer security solutions, our Corporate Fraud Investigation services help you deal appropriately and confidently with suspected or discovered cases of fraud.

We have acted for corporate clients in matters related to:

  • Fraud investigation
  • Asset tracing
  • Status enquiries concerning individuals and companies
  • Litigation and prosecution
  • Dispute resolution
  • The prevention and detection of competitive intelligence and industrial espionage

Our team includes:

  • Experienced investigators with extensive law enforcement experience
  • Active security clearances
  • Assisting in the set-up of computer forensic units
  • Extensive experience conducting online undercover operations
  • Expert witness testimony experience

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