Cybergeddon, a film based on cyber crime by Anthony E. Zuiker (CSI fame) has released worldwide today in more than 25 countries and 10 languages. We got a chance to preview it last week which gave us an insight to this digital drama.

What makes this release interesting is the fact that this cyber thriller has been released as a series of nine digital chapters, three per day over the course of three consecutive days on Yahoo.

The story involves a lot of digital crime action taking place between the characters of the film. The aim of this cyber crime drama is to educate internet users to safeguard themselves from being a victim of the crime happening online, such as identity theft and other vulnerabilities involved in our daily cyber lifestyle.

Norton by Symantec has played a vital role in making this thriller more factual and credible for the viewers to believe. According to a recent cybercrime report by the company, the number of cyber victims has reached around 42 million this year in India.

The report mentions that around 51% of social network users in India have fallen to be a victim to cybercrime; out of which 22% people have been a victim of hacked accounts. It also states that the total net cost of cybercrime in India is around Rs. 444billion.

Talking about the film, Executive Producer Mr. Zuiker said, “Cybergeddon is a cinematic experience that breaks traditional rules. With the global distribution arm of Yahoo!, we will give viewers a way to have more to do after watching the segments to gain more knowledge and further interact with the storyline and cast”.

“The best part is that all of this can be experienced on any device, anytime and anywhere, day and date with the launch of Cybergeddon,” added Zuiker.