Certified Ethical Hacking Batch is going to Start from 22 December 2012.

Venue  :

313, Gali No. 6, RajaPark, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302004

Introductory Class : 22/12/2012 & 23/12/2012

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2 days Seminar Topics :

1.Cyber Ethics

2.Introduction to Internet

3.Proxy Server Technology

4.Phishing and Countermeasures

5.Email Security

6.Virus, Trojans

7.Laptop Security

8.Spoofing and Sniffing

9.Mobile Forensics

10.Introduction to Facebook Forensics

11.Introduction to Backtrack

12.Cyber Crime Investigation

13.Investigation Methodologies

Note: This Seminar if Free of Cost but Registration is required, student can not be part of this seminar unless he/she dint have registered.

Course Details:

 1st Module : Introduction
1. Introduction & Basics 2. How does Internet work?
3. Simple guide to Website creation and hosting
4. How does emails work?
5. An introduction to Web Browsers
6. Introduction to Internet Security
7. Detail study on Server and Intranet
8. Detail study on Ip address and Proxy
9. Detail study on Firewall

2nd Module : Foot-printing and Password Breaking
1. Introduction to Foot-printing
2. who-is search
3. DNS look-up
4. Using Cyber Crime Awareness Society IP/DNS tools
5. Analyzing email headers
6. Email tracking
7. Website Cloning
8. Trace-route
9. Email tracking
10. Breaking file passwords
11. Handling encrypted files
12. Handling stegnography

3rd Module : Web Attacks and Spoofing Attacks
1. HTML Basics
2. Google Dorks
3. PHP and MYSQL Basics
4. Cookie Manipulation
5. Using google as a hacking tool
6. XSS-Cross site Scripting
7. Detail study on using DNN [Dot Net Nuke]
8. Guide to Php Nuke Site
9. WordPress fckeditor upload Vulnerability
10. LFI – Local File Inclusion
12. RFI Remote File Inclusion
13. Email Spoofing
14. SMS Spoofing
15. Call Spoofing
16. Packet Sniffing
17. Entering in Router
18. Data Tampering
19. Ip Spoofing(Proxy)

4th Module : Security and Cryptography
1. Guide to Malware Incident Prevention and Handling
2. Guidlines on Electronic Mail Security
3. Guide to Batch Programming
4. Windows Hacking and Security
5. Creation and deletion of Troajns and key-loggers
6. Guide to Phishing and security measures
7. Introduction to Cryptography
8. Creating encrypted drives / Full disk encryption
9. PGP Users Guide

5th Module : Case Study and Backtrack
1. Introduction to Cyber Crime Laws
2. Investigation Process
3. Case sutdy on each type of Cyber Crime
4. Discussion on Latest Technology used by Hackers/Criminals
5. Penetration testing
6. Mobile Phone Hacking and Cloning
7. Full explanation on Backtrack – An Operating System


Benefits of this course :

The main benefits of ethical hacking courses include practicing ethical hacking for a company so that they do not lose any confidential information and other important data to malicious hackers. There are many more benefits also which are mentioned below:

A successful career is made by students who have done a good ethical hacking course. They can work for big IT companies and many other corporate firms. Since the number of companies employing ethical hackers or white hat hackers, as they are commonly known as, has increased in the recent times, the future of a student of such a course is bright as well. The reason for so many companies opting for ethical hackers is the breach of safety these days. The biggest solution to security breach into important information is only to hire an ethical hacker.

Other than benefiting the corporate and IT firms in maintenance of security at their places, the courses will benefit the students alike. The students will be taught how to adapt to the ever evolving demands of the environment. Thus, they would know that updates are happening and they will accordingly keep updating the environment for protection. This will enhance their careers. Whether it is something new in techniques, CPT attacks or countermeasures, the ethical hacking courses cover almost everything these days ensuring that the students are capable of working with greatest security professionals from all over the world.