Now Learn Ethical Hacking using Backtrack Operating System.
1st time in Rajasthan


This will include following topics:

Course Home
Part 1: Exploitation Basics
Part 2: Why Metasploit
Part 3: Meterpreter Basics
Part 4: Framework Organization
Part 5: Post Exploitation Kung-Fu
Part 6: Post Exploitation Privilege Escalation
Part 7: Killing AV and Disabling Firewall
Part 8: Stdapi and Priv Extensions
Part 9: Token Stealing and Incognito
Part 10: Espia and Sniffer Extensions
Part 11: Post Exploitation Backdoors
Part 12: Pivoting after Post Exploitation
Part 13: Port Forwarding as part of Post Exploitation
Part 14: Client Side Exploits
Part 15: Backdoors and Rootkits in Post Exploitation
Part 16: Exploit Research with Metasploit
Part 17: Railgun Basics
Part 18: Railgun Adding Functions
Part 19: Railgun Adding New DLLs
Part 20: Resource Scripts
Part 21: Database Support
Part 22: Using Plugins
Part 23: Meterpreter API Basics
Part 24: Meterpreter Scripting – Migrate Clone
Part 25: Meterpreter Scripting – Process Name Search
Part 26: Social Engineering Toolkit Java Applet

Exploit Research Part 1: Introduction
Exploit Research Part 2: Memcpy Buffer Overflow
Exploit Research Part 3: Strcpy Buffer Overflow
Exploit Research Part 4: Minishare Buffer Overflow
Exploit Research Part 5: FreeSSHD Buffer Overflow
Exploit Research Part 6: SEH Basics
Exploit Research Part 7: Overwrite SEH
Exploit Research Part 8: Exploiting SEH