I hope you already know about new feature of WhatsApp through which you can make calls but unfortunately its not available for all users so you must need Android lollipop or call from other friend who is using this feature to activate WhatsApp call. Most of you are already enjoying WhatsApp calling feature while most of you are still waiting. So finally, your wait is over. Within 10 minutes, your WhatsApp will get calling feature. Just follow below given steps and enjoy WhatsApp call.

Steps To Follow :

Note : You need WhatsApp updated version i.e 2.11.552 to activate calling feature, so update it by following given link.
1) Download  WhatsApp Calling Apk  from HERE . 
2) Once you download, install it. 
3) Finally, WhatsApp Me :- +919804837124 
4) I will call you as soon as I get time.  
5)Answer the call for at-least for 3 sec 
6) Exit the WhatsApp & reopen it
7) Enjoy you will get the calling feature.
8) If you face any issues in activating . WhatsApp me on same 🙂


Please Note This Feature will work Only  on Android KitKat 4.4.4 or Above/
& yes.. Activation totally depends on the WhatsApp Servers,They Open & Close the Activation window several times! 

Note : Please do not misuse others numbers and don’t spam on comments. Enjoy !!

WhatsApp Snapshot

Snapshot of WhatsApp Calls.Snapshot of WhatsApp Calls.


Snapshot of WhatsApp Calls. 

Snapshot of WhatsApp Calls.