In Automated teller machine, in order to access an account, a user supplies a card and personal identification number (PIN).

Criminals have developed means to intercept both the data on the card’s magnetic strip as well as the user’s PIN, this information is used to create fake cards that are then used to withdraw funds from the unsuspecting individual’s account. These machines are free-standing and not physically a part of the bank. Criminals can easily set up a machine that looks like a legitimate machine; instead of dispensing money, however, the machine gathers information on users and only tells them that the machine is out of order after they have typed in their PINs. Given that ATMs are the preferred method for dispensing currency all over the world, ATM fraud has become an international problem.

Always be careful of concealed people, that appear to be doubtful.

Avoid doing online banking from cyber cafes.

Always delete cookies from the PC if you do so at public places like cyber cafes.

Review bank and credit card statements regularly.

Be careful, be safe!

Happy Banking!