ASP.Net training in jaipur and delhi, which simplifies the testing and development of website applications by providing MVC framework.

CCAS and Avenging Security Providing best training in jaipur and delhi, where we are providing the quality of training in the real time by developers on real projects, where we teach students about the errors also and how to handle them.

We provide real time and placement oriented dot net training in jaipur and delhi. Our developers and trainers are Microsoft certified and have more then 5 years of experience. We have provided placements to 500+ students.


Students must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and internet.

Useful For:

This course is useful for those people who wants to build web applications with MVC framework. This course will boost your skills to get good job. Best course for summer internship and training.

Dot Net Training Duration in Jaipur and Delhi:

Regular Classes (Morning, Day time and Evening)

Duration: 45 –  60 days

Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

Duration: 10 – 12 weeks

Fast Track Training Program (6+ Hours daily)

Duration: 10 – 15 days

Dot Net Batch Size in Jaipur and Delhi:

Regular Classes (Morning, Day time and Evening)

Seats available: 3-5 (maximum)

Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

Seats available: 3-5 (maximum)

Fast Track Training Program (6+ Hours daily)

Seats available: 5-7 (maximum)

Our Trainers Profile:

  • More than 5 Years of experience in Microsoft Technologies
  • Have worked on 30+ realtime dot net projects
  • Trained 100+ Students so far.
  • Having Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • Microsoft certified Professionals

 Dot Net Placement Training in Delhi and Jaipur

  • More than 100+ students Trained
  • 70% percent Placement Record
  • 537 Interviews Organized

Dot net training course and syllabus in delhi and jaipur: 

.NET Course Content Introduction to .Net

  • .Net Framework and CLR
  • Introduction to Visual studio

Introduction to C#

  • Overview of C#
  • Data Types
  • Memory Concepts
  • Control Structures
  • Arrays
  • Namespaces

Object Oriented Programming

  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract
  • Interface
  • Delegates
  • Exception Handling
  • Reflections
  • Indexers
  • Threading

Graphical User Interface

  • Intro to Win forms
  • Event handling
  • Toolbox
  • Custom toolbox controls
  • User defined controls
  • Graphic controls
  • Files and streams
  • Usage and implementations of controls
  • Software Development

MSSQL Server

  • Intro to databases
  • Relational database concepts
  • Structured Query Language
  • Stored Procedures
  • Functions
  • Triggers


  • Basics of
  • Connected and Disconnected modes
  • Programming with
  • CSS and JavaScript
  • HTML


  • Intro to Web forms
  • Web Controls
  • Server Controls
  • Client Controls
  • Navigation Controls
  • Validations
  • Master Page
  • State Management Techniques
  • Caching
  • AJAX
  • Web Services
  • WPF
  • Silverlight

Project Work

  • Development
  • Unit Testing
  • Deployment
  • Documentation